Tuesday, 29 June 2010

All by myself...

Brandon went to England in May to see his girlfriend that he had to leave when we came here... I totally thought it would be over quite quickly.. but it's not.. and now I have to admit that my 17yr old son, who still has one yr of school is engaged. He says it's going to be a longer than normal engagement. This is so hard for me, he is a great kid and is very smart. He could be anything and do anything he wanted in life. I'm not going to say that getting married is going to ruin it, but I sit here now and so totally know how Bob's mom and dad felt when he told them we were getting married at 19 and 18. What goes around comes around i guess... LOL So anyway.. Amber is a beautiful girl, I just have not had the chance to get to know this girl that my son loves. I hope we get to know her soon.
Amanda and Lindsay are at church camp.. Amanda was able to go last minute as a counselor and was very excited to be able to have that chance, she is active with the singles group at our church and has been surrounding herself with all thesee nice people. Since she is still planning on being a youth minister this will be great practice for her.
Lindsay is a camper this week and this is her first ever time to go to church camp, I am sure she will love it..
And since they are all away this week, I have been home on my own... Bob's work has been exercising so he hasn't gotten home before 7 since the 19th. I have re-arranged Brandon and Amanda's rooms. Cleaned all the bathrooms and will head up to Lindsay's room today.. I can honestly say this is the first time in the 10 months that we have lived here that I have moved anything around upstairs. But it feels good to get in there and move stuff and clean. So later maybe I will get some pictures... I have lots to do to get ready for our vacation. We are leaving behind a kitty and a turtle.. So they have to be babysat and ready. I still have to mow the yard also. So.. I better get going...

Saturday, 19 June 2010


So.. a few years ago I started this quilt with my friend Debbie. It was a BOM (Block of the Month) from a website online. I started it in 2008, thought it would be a great Graduation gift for Amanda. Sometime after Debbie left my sewing machine broke so I quit working on the quilt. I would still go in and download the pattern each month, and at the end I downloaded the finishing instructions. Well then we moved and once we were settled again I fixed my machine and decided to finally finish the quilt. One problem... i only had page 1 of 6 for the finishing. So I called my friend Debbie in AZ and she mailed me the directions to finish it. So I started this one with Debbie and I couldn't have finished it without her.. even if it was 2yrs later and we were miles apart. So here is the finished Quilt top... Amanda says " now maybe I might get it for a wedding present" I gotta figure out how to finish it... LOL

Friday, 18 June 2010


Well, it's Friday and another crazy week is almost over. We had the most amazing storm yesterday.. I am very sorry for the people this morning with flooded basements and no power. It's amazing how powerful the weather can be sometimes. Living in England for so long, we didn't have the storms like this.

Bob and the girls even sat on the porch and watched it just down pour, until the wind changed and they started getting wet. LOL

Like I said it's friday, but for Bob and us this weekend will go just like the rest of the week.. Exercise all weekend and he will be working.

We do get to start planning for our vacation soon though, we are headed to Wisconsin to the cabin and will pick up Brandon after his trip to the UK.

Lindsay is going to church camp the end of this month and is excited to go for the first time.

Here is a picture of our new dog Jake! He is an amazing dog and has fit right into our family.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So ya... it's been like years since I have even looked at my own blog. I always try this and just can never stick with it. I wish it was something I could keep up with.

So the Kopecky family lives in Minot North Dakota now. We moved here in Sept 09. So we are coming up on 9 months now. Things are great, we love the house and the winter was scary.

The kids are great.. Amanda finished her first semester at Minot State University this May. She did really well and seems to enjoy it. We love having her home with us and are very lucky that she wants to be with us at the age of 19 almost 20.

Brandon just finished his Junior yr. He is doing fine. He will be a Senior next year, so hard to believe how fast they grow up.

Lindsay will start 8th grade and loves her little school. She is on the Minot travel soccer team and is getting better and better everyday.

Bob made SMSgt this year and will pin it on sometime later this year. So it looks like the AF will get a few more years out of him. But in the end the retirement will be better.

So that's the newest update... Let's see how long this lasts... LOL

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Today, September 24, 2008

Today I had to get up early and get ready... I went to the Imperial Air Museum in Duxford today as a chaperone with the H.S. ROTC program...

We have lived here for over six years and have never been there... it was actually quite cool to see all the planes. The kids were all great and enjoyed the day off of school.

They were even offering flights in old classic airplanes. But as a chaperone I couldn't leave the kids and take the ride... But I would have loved it, the plane was like the Red Baron one that Snoopy flys...LOL

I have to download the pics from my camera, and I will post a few...

I have to go to work tonight to build a display, shouldn't be too bad... but will make for a long day...